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"Every human being is the author of his own health or disease."   Sirvanada

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Intensive  Holistic wellness program: 4 weeks


Jump start your way into a healthier lifestyle with this intensive one month program that will provide you with all the tools that are necessary to optimize your health.


  • Program includes:
  • Health assessment
  • 4 Holistic nutrition visits (within a month) 
  • A personalized health protocol
  • 8 one-hour personal training sessions
  • A  personalized fitness regime
  • Coaching support to help you make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes 
  • Effective techniques to help you reduce cravings and emotional connections with food 
  • Healthy recipes
  • Email support between sessions  
  • Supermarket tour
  • Educational nutritional handouts

6 week detoxification program


Your body is able to rid itself of harmful toxins through the process of detoxification. This process is compromised due to toxins that are present in our food and our environment. This program will help to rid the body of toxins that have accumulated in your body and have a powerful effect on your  body’s ability to cleanse itself.


This program includes:

  • Clearing the environmental toxins in the home
  • Learning methods for cleaning food
  • Educational support
  • Specific weekly detoxification menu
  • Supplemental support that supports both phase I and II detoxification pathways 
  • Protein enhanced rice-protein drink
  • A mild exercise regime to support detoxification
  • Ongoing support via email



Holistic Nutritional program: 4 weeks


Each individual has their own genetic code that needs specific foods and nutrients to optimize their health. This program will enable you to make the appropriate dietary changes.


  • Health assessment
  • 4 Holistic nutrition visits (within a month)
  • A personalized health protocol 
  • Coaching support
  • Healthy recipes 
  • Supermarket tour
  • Educational nutritional handouts 
  • Effective techniques to help reduce cravings and emotional connections with food
  • Email support between sessions

Individual  personal training session -1 hr- $70.00

Partner training session -1 hr- $80.00

Training packages

Ten - 1hr training sessions- $650.00     

Fifteen -1 hr training sessions- $825.00     

Twenty -1hr training sessions-  $1,000.00

Boot camp only packages

Small Group fitness -

Boot camps  meet twice a week
Package of ten classes - $100.00
Individual classes - $15.00

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